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About Us

Aerial Arts brought two ladies of totally different backgrounds together. A skill that isn't mastered over night created a lasting bond. Owners Hannah Redus and L'nette (Shaniqua) Wilderness came together with the blessing of their phenomenal instructor Rachel Wagner (owner of Aspen Aerial Fitness) in 2016 to share a burning passion of the arts with as many people as they can. Aerial Arts is more than just a circus act. Its empowering, rewarding, sexy, challenging, and best of all fun. It greats upper body strength, self awareness, flexibility and confidence out of this world. Our intent is to share the impact this sport has had on our live with the world. Through performances, weekly fitness classes and demonstrations abroad. It only took one session to get us hooked and we that is all it will take for you as well. 

We offer a fun none judgmental environment in our weekly sessions. Here is where you can let your inner strength take over and explore to new heights. Come and see what the aerial arts experience can do for you!

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